How to Define Your Wedding Style and Choose a Color Palette

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Written by Dana Felderhoff
March 27, 2019

Dana is the owner and lead designer at Felderhoff & Co. She lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband, Jake.

Before you meet with your vendors, it’s super helpful to take some time to define your colors, style, and the overall vibe of your wedding. If you already have a wedding Pinterest board, start there! Look at your board as a whole and see if there are any recurring themes in what you've pinned. Consider seasons and trends where appropriate, but make sure the resulting wedding brand reflects your style!

Choose a Color Palette

Your wedding color palette should contain 3-5 colors: 1-2 main colors, and 2-4 neutral or accent colors to soften and round out the palette. Your main colors are typically what you envision the bridesmaids wearing, the most prominent colors you'd like to include on your invitations, and/or what you'd like most of the flowers in your bouquets and arrangements to be. Choose neutral and accent colors that complement your main colors and help accomplish your overall vision. If you are having trouble choosing accent colors, don't be afraid to ask your planner, florist, or stationery designer what they recommend!

Make a “Cheat Sheet”

In the early stages of wedding planning, I actually made a style guide for our wedding to help my designer brain process the direction I wanted the planning process to go. I included color swatches, photos of the dresses I'd chosen for myself and the bridesmaids, inspiration photos of centerpieces and bouquets, and even a few logistical details that don't really belong on a style guide but it made sense to have everything all in one place. I brought this with me to meet with florists, bakeries, and even photographers. Several of them remarked that our meetings were much more efficient and smooth than their typical client meetings, and they loved being able to see a visual representation of the ideas I had!

I’ve created a FREE download based off the style guide I created for our wedding to help you through this process! Download the PDF using the link below.

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