5 Thoughtful Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas for Under $10 Each

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Written by Dana Felderhoff
March 20, 2019

Dana is the owner and lead designer at Felderhoff & Co. She lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband, Jake.

Happy National Proposal Day! For those of you who have some shiny new bling on your finger, it’s your turn to pop the question! Below are five adorable and affordable proposal ideas your bridesmaids will love:

1. Personalized Wine Bottle

I'm a big fan of proposing to your wedding party with a bottle of wine, and when you add a personalized label, you don't have to worry about buying fancy wine! My favorite cheap wine is by far two-buck chuck from Trader Joe's, fondly nick-named for it's $1.99 price tag. My favorite is the Shiraz, I've blind taste-tested it with my husband and we both chose it over a $15 bottle of wine!

2. Cosmetic Bag

While bridesmaid proposal boxes are super cute, they tend to be expensive to fill up! I love the idea of grabbing a cheap cosmetic bag and filling it with each person's favorite candies or maybe even wedding day necessities (travel hairspray, bobby pins, etc.). I found this particular cosmetic bag in the Target dollar spot for $2! You could also tie these gift tags on coffee mugs, nail polish bottles, or even a cute notebook.

3. Funny Card

"If I promise there will be NO bows on the butt, ugly colors, or puffy sleeves...Will you be my bridesmaid?" This is actually the phrase that I printed on the cards I gave to my bridesmaids when I asked them to be in our wedding! I only wish I had my pick of all the pretty envelope colors currently in my inventory :)

5. Mini Champagne Bottles

Not into buying cheap wine? Totally fair! You can go with mini champagne or wine bottles to keep your budget happy while still getting a wine you know and love. Personalize with mini labels customized with their name and title!

4. Hair Ties

Last but not least, a practical (and punny) bridesmaid proposal idea! Print these cards from the Etsy shop and grab some hair ties in your wedding colors. If you are extra thrifty, you can even buy fold over elastic from Hobby Lobby and make your own hair ties!

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