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Our Wedding Party Olympics

Happy #TipTuesday! Today’s wedding tip is to consider merging your bachelor and bachelorette parties. When planning our wedding, we considered a lot of different ways to do this and landed on having a Wedding Party Olympics...Team Bride vs. Team Groom! The day was full of team events aimed at giving everyone a chance to get to know each other.

Program Content: Information to Include on Your Wedding Programs

These pretty pieces of informative art keep your guests busy as they wait for the ceremony to start and can include a number of details, such as...

The Ceremony order of the ceremony finalized with the officiant

Quote or Bible Verse

Fun Facts fun facts about the couple and/or the wedding planning process

How many programs should I order?

In the past two years of designing stationery for weddings, I’ve learned there is a weird phenomenon that happens with wedding programs...there are often so many leftover! Part of this has to do with the fact that the majority of couples will only grab one for the two of them. Sadly the guys tend not to care as much about these pretty pieces of informative art as we do.

Best Practices to Avoid Mail Mishaps

I'm going to be honest, the post office and I on occasion have a very trying relationship. They are the carriers of our creations and from time to time they can fail to take that responsibility as seriously as we'd like, damaging or losing items in transit. As with any relationship conflict, both sides are somewhat to blame. So I set out to ensure I was playing by their rules and doing everything I could on my end to avoid future contention.

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