FAQ: What goes on enclosure cards?

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Written by Dana Felderhoff
December 05, 2017

Dana is the owner and lead designer at Felderhoff & Co. She lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband, Jake.

Enclosure cards are one of my favorite things to design because there are so many different things we can include! Examples of possible enclosure cards that you can add to your suite are details, accommodations, transportation, reception, directions, and itinerary. The most common information to include as an enclosure card is the locations of the hotels where you have negotiated room blocks. If this is the only information on the card, we typically use the title "Accommodations". You can also include directions to the ceremony and/or reception, or even notes on attire! Below are a few examples of some of our favorite enclosure cards...

Details cards are a little more flexible, we can create custom maps of significant locations and combine a variety of information blocks. If you will be providing transportation, be sure to let your guests know when and where it will be available so they can plan to take advantage of it!

Reception cards are particularly helpful if the reception takes place at a location separate from the ceremony. You can even include an itinerary of the reception! We can also create a wedding weekend itinerary card if you will be having additional events, such as a welcome reception the day before, or a farewell brunch the day after.

As you can see, we have a number of options when it comes to designing enclosure cards. We can display the information as a stylized list or custom map, or even an infographic. Contact us to start designing your custom wedding invitation suite!

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